Multicloud modelling and monitoring

Xscalibur: one software to rule them all

A visual, collaborative and intuitive interface to design and manage all your cloud services in real time.

Energy consumption taken into account to enable eco-responsible choices.

A solution to give your teams the means to support the business, improve productivity and optimize ROI of projects.

The efficiency of multicloud

Modelling of all main cloud technologies

Built-in constraints specific to each service

Easy migrations from one cloud to another

Coming soon

An innovative technology

End-to-end single view cloud management

All environments: mono-cloud and multi-cloud
Any resources as a service (XaaS): IaaS, PaaS, SaaS
End-to-end lifecycle management: design / test / deploy / monitor / optimize

Simple and interactive
solution handling

Innovative visual « drag & play » interface
Simple and guided design of your cloud architectures on demand
Automatic rebuilt of existing environments

Collaborative and
responsible effort

Templates and sharing of projects to foster collaboration
Greater autonomy and
empowerment of DevOps
Optimization of your environmental footprint

A higher performance to better serve the business


Automatic updates
Over 30% gains in time and resources for your deployments
Operational costs under control


Facilitated collaboration between teams
A simplified and quicker implementation
Easy access to
multi-cloud strategies


No reason for teams to create their “shadow IT”
Homogeneous deployments from templates
Management of
users rights and history of actions


An efficient and practical way to develop your teams
Expedited onboarding of new team members into existing projects
An environment to test new services without any risk