Our vision: decomplexify cloud computing and enable an eco-responsible digital usage

ceo / CTO


Christophe Gourdin

cOo / CFO


Ludovic Tiberghien

Scientific advisor


Philippe Merle

Rooted in advanced scientific research, Xscalibur has developed an innovative and differentiating technology to offer a unique software solution to empower existing ITOps and DevOps teams and give them back the control of their IT environment. 

We are offering a visual, end-to-end solution to facilitate the understanding and implementation of cloud computing. We are tackling today’s challenges of building resilient and efficient systems, while also addressing tomorrow’s real challenge of reducing the environmental impact of our usage.

We are committed to our customers to provide the best technology, while remaining accessible, to meet the challenges of complexity generated by the new usage of cloud technology. Cloud computing is a major foundation for the digital transformation of societies, our mission is to help them keep control of their environments while making them efficient from both a performance and a digital waste perspectives.

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