Xscalibur was present at the Tech Trends Day of EuraTechnologies

On 1 October 2019, Xscalibur, represented by its CEO, was present at EuraTechnologies

Christophe Gourdin, CEO of Xscalibur, led a masterclass during the Tech Trends Day of 1/10 at EuraTechnologies Lille. The topic presented was « Multi-cloud: one software to rule them all! »

#cloudmanagement #multicloud #cloud

The subjects discussed during this masterclass were numerous and exciting:

  • Multi-cloud: one software to rule them all! Christophe Gourdin XScalibur
  • How to build and structure product teams for growth ? Thibaut Carlier Critizr
    Is the Jamstack the future of web development ? Henri-Hubert Michel Tymate
  • Redhat and the multicloud at the service of digital transformation: Raphael Sanchez IBM GTS France
    Agile and compliant platforms, is it compatible? Sylvain Gallerand Claranet France and Antoine Sobowiez Claranet France
  • Public data, private data: the role of the blockchain by Clément Francomme Utocat
  • Life is a stream of events: Emmanuel Peru INEAT Group & Ineat Lab Leader
  • Data modernisation in the cloud: Vincent Damiens
  • Data Architect Claranet and Clément Mary Leader
  • Healthcare & Practice Data Claranet
  • Deploying inference models at the edge: Julien Roland Head Of Machine Learning Wavely
  • Information security: an evil more than necessary: Jean-Michel Dos Santos Ceo Allistic and Joseph Graceffa President CLUSIR Nord de France

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