Manage your services cloud easily

Our software solution enables the management of cloud services, in order to
visualize, federate and securize them. It is based on three key functionalities:

Visual design
and multi-cloud



An ergonomic SaaS solution that allows you to graphically model your cloud architectures. Discover the services and resources of your accounts in one click, test new clouds with ease.

Our product helps you train your staff for one or more cloud providers. Currently supported clouds are AWS (public cloud) and VMware (private cloud).

Deployment has never been easier, deploy a resource with one click and your entire architecture in one place, import and generate your Terraform or CloudFormation deployment scripts, model complex environments without deploying right away, and plan your deployments.

Be more productive, your creations can be saved as custom templates and are reusable at will in all your architectures.

View the status of your resources and services in real time across all your cloud accounts.

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Benefits for users

  • Adopt a common language between teams when designing and researching In the blink of an eye, observe the state of your cloud resources and services.

  • Quickly access accurate information, we will integrate all the possibilities offered by the cloud as we go.

  • Understand and visualize your problems quickly.

  • Guarantee that problems won’t happen again.

  • Export and provide indisputable proof of your problems in images.

  • Avoid digital over-consumption.

  • Gain autonomy on a complex subject, train your teams, enable you to
    new team members to quickly gain value.

  • Rely on a tool available at any time and in any situation.

  • Promote the DevOps approach and optimize the productivity and ROI of your teams.

  • Significantly accelerate the deployment of new services.

  • Quickly test new services and new providers in complete security.